PSYCHOMETRIC TOOLS (Customized to Indian Environment)

NEA Life intended to offer various learning, behavioral and talent assessment solutions with various skill development initiatives to your esteemed organization. We offer Psychometric Assessment services like Developmental, intelligence, ability, personality and cognitive assessments.

We are working in the area of well-being of learners by: assessment and intervention, career guidance and counseling services, professional certification and training workshops.

NEA Life has developed a scientific module for cognitive assessment for intelligence, Career guidance and counseling, personality, working memory improvement, study skills and study habits, Emotional Intelligence and learning difficulty. With the help of standardized assessment tools such as intelligence, personality, aptitude, cognitive assessment, etc; but not limited to assessment, we have designed various activities and group exercises to help the Fresher / Professionals / Students to realize their own strengths.

NEA Life looks forward to collaborating with you on this assignment!