Every organisation needs a RULE BOOK to manage their people / stakeholders.

The objective of the Manuals is to provide comprehensive and concise information on all HR policies and procedures in order to ensure uniformity in application, consistency in interpretation and speedy administration of the same.

An employee handbook is a clear outline of a company’s policies and an employee’s rights. It lays out the legal obligations of the company to its employees and also gives them an overall look at the company culture and expectations.

An employee handbook can be a valuable communication resource for both the employer and the employee. It provides guidance and information related to the organization’s history, mission, values, policies, procedures and benefits in a written format.

HR CONSORTIUM will ensure all existing HR Policies & Procedures have proper internal vetting & controls in place to manage HUMAN assets better.

Manuals may be in any form viz., a Standing Order, Administrative Rule or an employee manual. 

If we simply talk about polices, there are a number of policies to be kept in place mandatorily.  Few examples are given below:

HR POLICIES - An Overview

1. Administrative Rules & Procedures

2. Standing Order-Model

3. Certified Standing Order

4. Recruitment Policy

5. Induction & Onboarding Policy

6. Employee Code of Conduct

7. Policy on Dress Code

8. Leave Policy

9. Late Coming & Attendance Policy

10. Wage Administration Policy

11. Policy on PMS

12. Increment & Promotion Policy

1.3 Policy on Banding & Levels

14. Loans & Advances Policy

15. Vehicle Loan Policy

16. Travel & Reimbursements Policy

17. Security & Frisking Policy

18. Policy on Festival Holidays

19. Policy on Circulars

20. Safety Policy

21. Policy on LTA

22. Policy on Transfers

23. Health & Safety Policy

24. Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy

25. Policy on Group Medical Insurance

26. Policy on Whistle Blowers

27. Policy on Cellular Phone

28. Policy on Gift for Marriage

29. Policy on Exit / Termination & Exit Interview / F & F

30. Policy on Long Service Awards

31. Policy on Award for Suggestions

32. Policy on Training

33. Policy on Trainees (Apprentice)

34. Policy on Antecedent Verification

35. Policy on Works Committee

36. Canteen Committee

37. Anti-Discrimination Policy

38. Anti-Harassment Policy

39. Environment Policy

The above list is not exhaustive and can be used for reference purposes. Policies should evolve for every organisation and vary from one industry to another and one company to another.

While writing the above, HRC believes the following Lines:

“Maya Angelou, the American poet, writer, and polemicist once said something along the line of: This life isn’t about survival-we’ve done that. But it’s about thriving, with passion, compassion, humor and style”.

When things are thriving, there is a lot of active choosing going on: ideas, suggestions, responsibilities, happen throughout the organisation.