Training and development / Psychometric Tools

Providing soft skill training to the employees including the starters who require orientation programs.

HR Consortium Inc is an Indian organization that has the avowed objective of importing soft skill training to threshold level youth & learning professionals thus offering them the valuable inputs that would go a far way not merely in securing lucrative positions, but in excelling in their chosen careers.

Our training professionals who have a vast repository of acquired skills in the realm of Learning & Development and have invaluable experience in engaging working professionals in specific training programs, aim at bringing the very best output from their inherent attributes.

Our Trainers have years of rich experience with hands-on in real-life situations. And so is the case with other faculty members who have been hand-picked not only for his or her professional proficiency but their ability to educate and develop keen minds drawing upon their track record as performing managers, Supervisors and professionals.

As our faculty members are savvy as to aspects of psychology and human understanding, even slow learners are handled with care and sensitivity to channelize their progress in a scientific and planned manner.

What we offer at HR CONSORTIUM INC is a program that is tailor-made to suit your specific requirements.

Therefore, what we do is to sit in consultation with the managements, their staff and possibly Employee representatives to plan, deliberate and chalk out a task-specific program that comprehensively addresses the specific needs of the students.

Each program thereby is unique in its own constitution and is applicable with particular reference to one group of employees who have identified and defined their skill requirements.

This is effected in a scientific manner with the aid of Psychometric tools that clearly bring out the skill lacunae and tenuous areas which need to be ameliorated.