That a new world should emerge, powered by emancipated citizens fully geared to lead all human activity with the lofty purpose of achieving excellent in every area of performance, whether in the industry or service sector, thereby creating a far better quality of life and adding greater meaning of existence through HRM value added services.


By providing excellent HRM services in almost every aspect of your business and aiming to benefit you in realizing your business goals.  We foster your business to such an extent that our services become an integral part of your success.  


HR Consortium Private Limited has embarked upon this noble endeavor with a set of principles that serve as its basic guidelines in all its activities of transaction and performance.


To carry on the business as Human Resources Consultants, Executive Search,  Systems Auditors, Learning & Development and to provide all Business Advisory Services.

To provide outsourcing services in the Human resources department and to act as Consultants, Agents and Advisors in all the respective branches of management. Be in such capacity to give advice and information and render services to a person, firm, company or body corporate or authority or government in the form of private meetings, workshops and seminars.

Why us?

Every Industrialist / entrepreneur's aim is not only to start a business but to make it a successful one. Every business, be it small, medium or large, involves risks, challenges and innovations.

Our Main Deliveries are...

What we do?


HR CONSORTIUM INC formed by a group of HRM experts with a vast experience in Manufacturing and Service industries, helps companies realize the benefits of strategic HRM Consulting and Vendor Management solutions. It enables them to excel in their business goals. Our Professionals provide complete, full package solutions in the HRM, Administration and Vendor Management arena. HR Consortium a Company is heading a group of Companies who are into HRM domain for a decade now, to manage Human Resources & Administrative supply and demand. To emphasize the above statement, the tagline of the company is ‘CONNECTED THINKING’.