Payroll / Compensation & Benefits / Statutory Compliance:

Leave your payroll problems to us and concentrate more on your core business. We undertake prompt salary payments, fitments, statutory filings, taxation and all the activities involving payroll.

Employee Social benefits: (Statutory)

For any organization to function properly, employee satisfaction is as mandatory as customer satisfaction. Benefits such as PF, gratuity, medical insurance are some of the services that we provide in order to ensure total employee and in turn employer satisfaction.

When you outsource your payroll processing to us, it is equal to having payroll experts on your own staff. By outsourcing your payroll processing, you get the best of services at the most basic of cost.

We look into your individual needs for payroll processing and create customized solutions. Our experienced payroll experts are available to help with the smallest detail, whenever the need arises.

When outsourced, your payroll to HR CONSORTIUM INC is cost effective and it helps you to reduce the cost of operation of your business, which in turn helps you run your business smoothly and brings in more profit to the company.

In any business, payroll management is tiring as rules keep changing and so software needs to be updated and employees kept abreast of these new rules. To get away from this tedious and time consuming job, why not outsource your payroll to us? All you have to do is give us the payroll input data and we will provide you with a cost effective, confidential and accurate payroll processing service at the best cost.

We assure:

• Operations pertaining to your payroll processing will be tailor made to your requirements and handled by qualified experts.

• Your company information will be confidential with us and will not be disclosed.

• You will have trouble free, accurate and systemised payroll and have the pleasure of satisfied EMPLOYEES.